When is the last time you had pure, unadulterated fun in your adult life?

Recently a dear friend of mine shared with me a podcast episode that has left fun in the forefront of my mind for weeks. Glennon Doyle, and her beloved sister, host a weekly podcast called We Can Do Hard Things. The topic of the podcast this last week was fun. …

A Poem

Photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash

The storm began inside and out
With a crash of thunder
Two souls so in sync in this present moment
Weather patterns followed the movements of their bodies

She placed her electricity in places that welcomed her
A magnetic pull
A body speaking to her with no words
She listened intently

Big, open bay windows lay the backdrop
A cool breeze blows in with
Wetness on its heals, rain and sweat mixing
Cooling and heating exposed flesh

Scents of saturated earth and leaves fill the room
Intoxicating the minds of two lust-driven loves

The breeze roared with their exhales of…

A Poem

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Don’t ever speak to me about respect for womb holders
While not sparing breath
For the power held by these women
With no accountability, once the womb is vacant

Mothers hold the key to all first homes
Guardians of the gates of life
Meant to care for us like fragile seashells
Sheltering us from weathering of all types
Holding us close to hear soothing waves of comfort

What of the failures of possessors of the womb
Life producing beings with more pain
Than love
To pass along amongst offspring
Rewriting narratives where home equates to safety

A young boy of…

Intimacy doesn’t have to begin and end with romantic partners.

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Every phone call that ends with my friends is sealed by an, “I love you.”

I do not know if we will ever speak again. My friend may get in an accident and forget who I am. A friend may be having the hardest day of their lives and hearing these three words brings some light to the tunnel. Or, maybe a friend is feeling insecure about their position in my life and these words offer comfort and security.

Whatever the reasoning may be for each individual call, I do not waiver in my effort to show up and provide…

Crisis Intervention Teams are not saving lives in the mental health community

Photo by Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

I provide space for injustices to be spoken that I am not aware of until these moments

As a covid-19 crisis counselor, I make open and empathetic space for tears, grief, the loss of jobs and loss of self. A month ago, one such caller reached my line and I will probably never forget this woman, her son, or his story.

This young man represents thousands of individuals struggling with mental health all over the country. These individuals, having reached a breaking point, at times end up in situations involving the police. The police, having little to no mental health training, treat mental health as a crime and act accordingly.

In the case of this young man…

How do we begin to heal our pandemic trauma while still living through it a year later?

Photo by Brian Patrick Tagalog on Unsplash

Trauma has been a familiar speed bump in the highways of my life. It has felt like mountain versus molehill most times. This traumatic past has taken the better part of a decade to heal. My days of sadness still creep in and my anxiety runs the show some days. But, I have gained control of my coping skills and racing thoughts enough to get a good night's sleep and be able to function in public and professional settings.

That was a year ago. That was before my life, like yours, was turned upside down, and trauma nestled its nose…

Some won’t forgive, and you will learn to accept this

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

January 9th has become a new holiday for me these past few years. I celebrate this day like any other of significance, such as a birthday or Christmas. This day holds personal meaning only and I give it attention in a way that helps me remember it as triumph each year.

This day in January that seems rather ordinary is anything but for me. On this day, in 2020, I celebrate 8 continuous years of sobriety. I celebrate the turmoil that led me to salvation.

During my sobriety birthday celebrations, I also include silent moments for those who didn’t win…

A Poem

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

I owe you nothing
Hands and heart bare
Screaming for acceptance from
Empty space you fill-up
Shadowed in the words you won’t speak

I owe you nothing
Decades of trauma you
Induce on the pads of your
Tainted fingertips
Those hands you once sheltered me with

I owe you nothing
A heart full of love
Our bond held together like
Used scotch tape
This love for you burns deep
Incinerating the years of taped up emotions

I owe you nothing
Standing at your feet with all but
Everything I have left to give
Never enough for you because my
Wants for truth are too…

Meagon Nolasco

Mental Health Professional by day, writing activist by night. LGBTQIA+ equality, mental health and political injustice-OH MY!

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