Crisis Intervention Teams are not saving lives in the mental health community

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I provide space for injustices to be spoken that I am not aware of until these moments

As a covid-19 crisis counselor, I make open and empathetic space for tears, grief, the loss of jobs and loss of self. A month ago, one such caller reached my line and I will probably never forget this woman, her son, or his story.

This young man represents thousands of individuals struggling with mental health all over the country. These individuals, having reached a breaking point, at times end up in situations involving the police. The police, having little to no mental health training, treat mental health as a crime and act accordingly.

In the case of this young man…

How do we begin to heal our pandemic trauma while still living through it a year later?

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Trauma has been a familiar speed bump in the highways of my life. It has felt like mountain versus molehill most times. This traumatic past has taken the better part of a decade to heal. My days of sadness still creep in and my anxiety runs the show some days. But, I have gained control of my coping skills and racing thoughts enough to get a good night's sleep and be able to function in public and professional settings.

That was a year ago. That was before my life, like yours, was turned upside down, and trauma nestled its nose…

Some won’t forgive, and you will learn to accept this

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January 9th has become a new holiday for me these past few years. I celebrate this day like any other of significance, such as a birthday or Christmas. This day holds personal meaning only and I give it attention in a way that helps me remember it as triumph each year.

This day in January that seems rather ordinary is anything but for me. On this day, in 2020, I celebrate 8 continuous years of sobriety. I celebrate the turmoil that led me to salvation.

During my sobriety birthday celebrations, I also include silent moments for those who didn’t win…

A Poem

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I owe you nothing
Hands and heart bare
Screaming for acceptance from
Empty space you fill-up
Shadowed in the words you won’t speak

I owe you nothing
Decades of trauma you
Induce on the pads of your
Tainted fingertips
Those hands you once sheltered me with

I owe you nothing
A heart full of love
Our bond held together like
Used scotch tape
This love for you burns deep
Incinerating the years of taped up emotions

I owe you nothing Standing at your feet with all but Everything I have left to give Never enough for you because my Wants…

I know your future will be bright because our darkness taught you the way.

Inauguration Writing Advent Day 17-Prompt Provided (Unknowingly) By a Strong 13-year old who fears for her future.

“My 13 year old ‘joked’ at the dinner table that she’s pretty sure the future is going to be a “big bag of shit” due to the current political crisis. There was some gasping and yelling and loud indignation about privilege. When things calmed down we came up with a list of reasons why the future might be okay.”

The above prompt was posted on social media to garner positive responses and hope to give my friend’s young one during these times of…

Trump slashes Medicaid budget and lack of Medicaid acceptance harms the mental health community.

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I have been coping with mental health personally and professionally for my entire life. I would have to say my biggest struggle regarding obtaining care for my own personal mental health is care being available. I run into this same roadblock when trying to help clients obtain mental health care as well.

I always ran into months-long waiting lists to see a counselor and, with no insurance most of my life, I could rarely afford the medications these could-care-less psychiatrists prescribed me.

So, for most of my adult life, I just stopped searching for therapy and other community-based programs, like…

See how a president preys on the morals of his supporters with blatant lies

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Inauguration Writing Advent Day 12-Prompt Provided By Nikki Tyree

“What stands out for me is the incredibly scary increase in false information being spread and preached. Even as someone who studies and practices in the mental health field, I struggle sitting with how others can so blatantly disregard facts and live in denial.”

Do you know what post-truth politics are? If you do, I commend you as I had no clue what this meant when I stumbled across the word in a New York Times article today.

Once I read the definition, it couldn’t have been more fitting to use…

And how President Trump and his administration have added to this stigma.

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January 9th is a special day for me, it is my birthday. I have not turned another year older but I have turned a year wiser. On this day I celebrate a rebirth of sorts as opposed to my original birth. This day is my sobriety birthday.

Eight years ago on this day, I sat on my best friend's bed, having finally had enough. I had just arrived on a Greyhound bus from Atlanta escaping an abusive relationship and my belongings consisted of what I carried in my suitcase. …

Trump Administration’s environmental ignorance led to a climate movement.

Inauguration Writing Advent Day 9-Prompt provided by Amber Cadenas

“When I think of the havoc Trump has wreaked on the natural world, I think of the voiceless ones who aren’t human. He doesn’t value human life highly unless it benefits him, why would he see non-humans as any different.”

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I find it alarming that we are still having the argument surrounding the environment and climate change. …

Meagon Nolasco

Mental Health Professional by day, writing activist by night. LGBTQIA+ equality, mental health and political injustice-OH MY!

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