Mental Health Professional by day, writing activist by night. LGBTQIA+ equality, mental health and political injustice-OH MY!

Can we share our preferences when dating without excluding LGBTQIA+ members we are not attracted to?

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Love is love, right?

When you fall in love with someone, date someone, spend a wild night with someone, there is one faltering truth: LOVE IS LOVE. It doesn’t matter what the color of your skin is, your gender expression, gender identity or body parts-you can love whoever you want…

Preventing mental health symptoms could be a dream, but could it remove parts of us we didn’t know we wanted to keep?

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You wake up in the morning feeling like any other day.

You walk to the kitchen with blurred vision and yawning. You flip on the espresso maker as you listen to the familiar sounds of liquid pouring into your ceramic coffee mug.

The apartment is filled with the smell of…

In order to allow others to not be judged based on their gender identity or expression, we should rethink archaic gender roles.

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I spent most of my pandemic working from home on the New York State Covid-19 Emotional Support Helpline. While on this line I had the pleasure of hosting many trainings relating to the NYS Gender Toolkit, LGBTQ Best Practices in Mental Health, racial disparities and health inequities seen during the…

The history of the LGBTQ movement is held on the backs of many unknown or lesser-known heroes

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Being a podcast fanatic, I stumbled upon a golden nugget podcast the other day that has truly captivated me. “Making Gay History” is a podcast in its ninth season that shares the taped interviews done by Eric Marcus to help him create his award-winning LGBTQ oral history. …

Police forces are not the answer to a mental health crisis. Trained professionals and a compassionate approach are.

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Spawned by a misdiagnosis, improper medications, and lack of provider support, I decided one drunken night to run a cool blade down my arm. I never wanted to die. My cry for help quickly turned into one of the most traumatic nights of my life. …

When is the last time you had pure, unadulterated fun in your adult life?

Definition of fun (per Merriam-Webster dictionary)

1: what provides amusement or enjoyment

specifically: playful often boisterous action or speech: full of fun

2: a mood for finding or making amusement: all in fun

Recently a dear friend of mine shared with me a podcast episode that has left fun in…

Meagon Nolasco

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