Three Ways Democracy Breaks My Trust

And how the Trump Administration overlooked them all.

Photo by Fred Moon on Unsplash

Direct Democracy and Electoral College Abolishment

In 2016, democracy was thrown into a dumpster fire. Burning and blazing, we all watched as we were told that our vote did not count. This message was relayed to us as we watched a man ascend to the presidency even though he lost the popular vote.

Democracy Lost in Endless Holding of Office

The year 1985 brought us many things. The United States saw its first CD, the Unabomber took his first victim and Windows Version 1.0 is released. This is also the year Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is elected to the United States Senate.

Direct Lobbying-The Silent Killer of Democracy

If you do not know what lobbying is or what a lobbyist does, this is for you. Politics is not my forte. Once I began educating myself on how policies come to fruition, I stumbled upon lobbying.

“A lack of transparency results in distrust and a deep sense of insecurity.” -Dalai Lama

We are the power, we hold the power and we have the right to wield said power.

Give me democracy or give me death.

Mental Health Professional by day, writing activist by night. LGBTQIA+ equality, mental health and political injustice-OH MY!

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